Senator Nofs received the following information today from the Emmett Township Department of Public Safety:

Scam alert: attempted fraud from subjects posing as a debt collection agency seeking money from victims On Sept 15th, Emmett Township Officers were called to a residence for a report of possible fraud. During the course of the investigation, officers learned that a group of subjects appear to be targeting individuals, attempting to scam them out of thousands of dollars. The scam appears to be generated by email’s and telephone calls, informing the victims that they are attorneys with a debt collection agency and they are trying to collect for unpaid fees to specific check cash / money advancement businesses. The suspects become extremely demanding, trying to intimidate the victims into paying by threats of calling the police or lawsuits. Emmett Township Dept of Public Safety suggests that if you get suspicious calls regarding debt collection, ensure that you owe this money before giving the caller your credit card or checking account information. Also monitor your credit report for any unauthorized activities.

"Residents are especially vulnerable to scams during tough economic times," said Senator Nofs. "It is important that we educate area residents so they do not become victims of fraud. When we arm residents with knowledge of the situation at hand, they are much less likely to become victims."

Senator Nofs has also published information on how to protect your privacy from scammers. You can find that information online at You can also request a copy by mail by contacting Senator Nofs’ office at 517-373-2426 or

Senator Nofs asked residents to please contact the Emmett Township Dept of Public Safety at 269-968-9303 for more information. Residents should always contact their local law enforcement agency to report any suspected crime and dial 911 in emergencies.