Nofs introduces joint resolution on school aid funding

For Immediate Release                                                          
Jan. 30, 2014                                                                      

Contact: Greg Moore

LANSING, Mich.—State Sen. Mike Nofs on Thursday introduced Senate Joint Resolution DD, which would amend the Michigan Constitution to limit the use of state school aid funds.

In four out the last five budget cycles, school aid fund (SAF) dollars have been used to partially fund colleges and universities. This has resulted in a great deal of debate as to whether this is an appropriate use of the SAF.

SJR DD would clarify that SAF dollars could only be used for aid to school districts; public community colleges; and school employee retirement systems, as provided by law.

Sen. Nofs, R-Battle Creek, cited the close relationship between K-12 districts and community colleges as the rationale behind allowing these colleges to receive funding.

“Between dual-enrollment courses, middle-college programs, career services and technical training as well as college readiness preparation, community colleges and local school districts are often joined at the hip,” Nofs said. “To me it makes sense to continue to allow funding for these types of partnerships that have proven to be beneficial for students and for taxpayers.”