Nofs: hopeful for 2013

For Immediate Release:
Jan. 16, 2013

Contact: Greg Moore

Nofs: hopeful for 2013

LANSING, Mich.—On Wednesday night Sen. Mike Nofs, R-Battle Creek, issued the following statement regarding Gov. Rick Snyder’s State of the State address:

“Governor Snyder has once again set optimistic and ambitious goals.  Michigan continues to see promising returns on the policies we have enacted and I am confident that 2013 will be another year of positive growth.

“Reinventing Michigan has been a top priority for the Legislature and has resulted in the 6th fastest-growing economy in the country.  Hardworking Michigan citizens have consistently proven their resolve throughout the ‘Great Recession,’ and as legislators we must follow their example to continue to restore our economy.

“The foundation for Michigan’s economic recovery has been laid over the past two years as we approved substantial reforms to help boost our competitiveness and create a healthy economic climate.

“Now, all across Michigan companies are expanding and looking to add new jobs. Just since 2011, the unemployment rate has fallen to 9 percent and more than 100,000 more Michiganders are working.  In Calhoun County alone, over 400 new jobs have been added or announced in just the past six months in the automotive and entertainment sectors.

“This is good news for Michigan workers and families who simply want to get back to work and provide for their families. I am pleased to say that we are on the road to recovery.

“I am also pleased to note that in just two short years, we have gone from a state facing a $1.5 billion deficit to one with a structurally balanced (meaning no gimmicks) budget that has deposited more than $500 million into its rainy day fund. That’s a $2 billion turnaround in just under two years!
“In addition, we have closed tax loopholes, eliminated debt, streamlined regulations, and improved the long-term stability of our state retirement and healthcare programs.

“Public safety and infrastructure improvement have been key themes of the governor’s previous addresses and I am encouraged by his continued commitment to improve our aging roadways and hiring more state troopers.  The safety and security of Michigan residents is paramount, and with more troopers we will be able to provide them with better service while also providing enhanced assistance and support to local law enforcement. And every Michigander knows that we must commit to improving our roads, bridges and critical infrastructure. I am hopeful that this year will bring a workable solution.

"Michigan has a great story to tell and has rightly become a model of recovery for states across the nation.  But there is still more to do.

“I am eager to work with Governor Snyder and my colleagues in the Legislature to address the remaining challenges and continue to write the positive story that is the revival of our Great Lakes State.”