‘Driver Responsibility’ fees to be eliminated

LANSING, Mich.—Some of Michigan’s burdensome ‘Driver Responsibility’ fees will be phased out if legislation supported by Sen. Mike Nofs is signed into law.

“These onerous and excessive fees for minor traffic violations are crippling, especially with so many struggling to keep up with the basic necessities of life,” said Nofs, R-Battle Creek. “These fees weigh heavily on Michigan families, particularly those of low income, and I was glad to vote for this bill to begin the process of eliminating them altogether.”

Fees for operators who have accumulated seven or more points and do not have vehicle insurance, fail to produce proof of insurance, or drive with an expired driver license will be eliminated.

Fees for more serious infractions, such as operating while intoxicated, hit and run, and fleeing police, shall remain.

Senate Bill 166 was sent to the governor for his consideration.