Nofs supports increased accountability measures for state Food Assistance Program

The Michigan Senate Tuesday passed a set of bills which increase penalties on retailers who engage in fraudulent sales involving the state’s food assistance program.

House Bills 4360 and 4361 would allow for the suspension or revocation of a retailer’s liquor or lottery license respectively, if the licensee were convicted of a felony related to food assistance fraud or had been administratively disqualified from participating in the program due to a violation of the program’s rules.

“These programs are in place to provide food assistance to those in need and have specific prohibitions on what can and cannot be purchased with public funds,” said Sen. Mike Nofs, R-Battle Creek. “Businesses that continue to flagrantly violate the law and allow prohibited items to be purchased deserve to have their license privileges put at risk.

“The people of Michigan are very generous and support helping their fellow residents buy essential items like food, but not liquor and lottery tickets.”

Both measures passed Tuesday and are expected to be signed by the governor in the near future.