Nofs: Personal property tax repeal must be part of broader tax reform discussion


LANSING— Sen. Mike Nofs told the Senate Finance Committee today that eliminating the state’s personal property tax must be included as part of reforming the tax code and spurring economic development in Michigan.

“I believe we must look at Michigan’s entire business tax structure. Simply repealing or re-vamping the Michigan Business Tax is not enough. We must take this historic opportunity to truly analyze what is in the best long-term interest of our state,” said Nofs, R-Battle Creek.  “This bill is designed to ensure that repeal of the personal property tax is part of that broader discussion.”

The panel heard testimony today on Senate Bill 34, sponsored by Nofs, which would repeal personal property from the state’s General Property Tax.  Among items currently taxed as personal property are: commercial equipment, furniture, industrial machinery and certain agriculture equipment and produce.

“We must look for ways to help improve our business climate and spur business growth, investment and job creation,” Nofs said. “Unfortunately, the Personal Property Tax does just the opposite. Instead of sending a thank you note to companies that invest in new equipment and technology, we send them a tax bill.”

Nofs added: “I am well aware of the potential revenue impact this legislation could have on schools and local units of government if it were to be enacted as a stand-alone bill. But this is intended to be part of a larger discussion, much of which will begin in earnest after the governor releases his budget next week. I ask folks to take a breath and agree to work with us in this process.”

Joe Dunigan, president of Dunigan Bros. in Jackson, MI, testified in support of Nofs’ bill.


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Sen. Nofs offers free tax preparation guides

LANSING—Residents of the 19th state Senate District who are in need of tax preparation information can obtain the latest Michigan Taxpayer’s Guide by visiting Sen. Mike Nofs' website, the lawmaker said Thursday.

The guide, which is a reference for the 2010 tax year, is designed to help residents prepare their tax returns.

“It's important for residents to have the most up-to-date information when preparing their annual taxes,” said Nofs, R-Battle Creek. “I am happy to offer this free taxpayer’s guide, and encourage everyone to make use of it when filing their 2010 taxes.”

The booklet contains information on Michigan’s taxes and tax credits. Included is a year-long taxpayer’s calendar with reference to important tax dates and filing deadlines. Also inside are copies of the most commonly used tax forms, as well as addresses and phone numbers for obtaining state agency tax information assistance.

Free copies of the tax guides are available for constituents by visiting and clicking the Publications link.

Those without web access can obtain a free copy by contacting Nofs’ office toll free at 888-962-6275. Tax guides are also available free of charge at local libraries throughout Calhoun and Jackson counties.

Sen. Nofs offers snowmobile update newsletter

LANSING—To help ensure that snowmobile enthusiasts taking to the trails across the state have all the facts they need to enjoy a safe season, Sen. Mike Nofs is offering a 2011 Snowmobile and Safety Guide newsletter filled with information on issues affecting those who enjoy Michigan’s winter wonderland.

“Snowmobiling is not only an excellent way for families to get out and enjoy Michigan's great outdoors together, but it is also a boon to our state's economy,” said Nofs, R-Battle Creek. “While the effects of the economy have taken a toll, snowmobiling still brings millions of dollars into Michigan each year. I hope that this newsletter can add to the enjoyment of both snowmobile enthusiasts and business owners alike.”

Nofs said the newsletter contains updates on legislation affecting snowmobilers, information on where to ride on Michigan's network of more than 6,000 miles of groomed trails, health and safety tips for operators, and ways for constituents to provide feedback.

The 2011 Snowmobile and Safety Guide is available by visiting the lawmaker’s website at and clicking the Newsletters link.
Residents of the 19th Senate District without Internet access can obtain a free copy of the newsletter by contacting Nofs’ office toll free at (888) 962-6275.