Nofs: Much accomplished, much to do

LANSING—State lawmakers concluded work on the 2009-2010 legislative session at the Capitol on Friday, and Sen. Mike Nofs, R-Battle Creek, said that he is proud of what he was able to accomplish after a year in office, but is aware of the many challenges that lay ahead and is eager to get back to work to help reinvent Michigan.

Below is the full text of Nofs’s statement.

“I appreciate the honor the residents of Calhoun and Jackson counties have given me to serve as their voice in Lansing during this historic time in our state’s history. I recognize the serious economic hardships many continue to face as our economy struggles. It has been my goal as state senator to implement the components of my Jobs First, Jobs Now plan by creating and supporting policies that will help to right our economic ship and bring new jobs and investment to this great state. After a year serving as senator of the 19th district, I am proud of what we have accomplished.

“Senate Republicans approved a balanced budget plan that didn’t raise taxes and significantly reduced government spending through sensible reforms. We lessened the impact of government on people’s lives by reducing the financial burden of taxes and government spending, while simultaneously striving to maintain the essential services that so many rely upon every day.

“We have also done much to help bring jobs back to our state. It has been a focal point of Senate Republicans to help job providers by removing barriers to growth. We have made progress in cutting needless government regulations that act as disincentives, and have worked to lower the tax burden on our job providers so that they can invest, expand and start putting our citizens back to work.

“Though I am proud of what we have accomplished for the people of Michigan, there is much yet to do. Voters sent a message in November’s election, and that message was heard loud and clear. We have a chance in the next legislative session for a fresh start and a new approach to reinvent our state. I am eager to get back to work and excited at the opportunity to work with our new governor and my senate colleagues to help put the ‘great’ back in the Great Lakes State.”